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Please kindly go through all the policies below. We would appreciate your cooperation in observing these policies.



  • It is recommended to register an account at as your booking history and other info will be saved for the next time.

  • To complete the booking, you will be asked to pay in full at the time of booking.

  • Once the booking has been made on the website, an email with confirmation will be sent to you. You may also find the confirmation in your account.

  • You will be provided with a door access code 24-48 hours before your booked session by email, so please make sure our email address ( is on your trusted sender list.


  • Mild Studios offers ONLY studio credits for cancelled bookings (No Refunds).

  • If you cancel your reservation with over 48 hours notice from your booking date, your rescheduled fee will be $125.00 plus 20% of your booking value.

  • If you cancel your reservation within 24-48 hours of your booking date, your rescheduling fee will be $125 plus 50% of your booking value.

  • If you cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your booking date, you will be liable for the full value of the booking.



  • All bookings are transferable one time with no fee if a Five-Day notice is provided by email.  

  • Late rescheduled requests (less than Five-Day notice) are subject to a $125 rescheduling fee.



  • Please do NOT enter the studio early without permission. 

  • Use the provided code to access the unit when booking prior to starting. 

  • Please arrive and leave the studios on time as you booked. It is not polite to let you wait outside the studios, so please do not do that to others.

  • The main entrance of the building is unlocked from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. If you need to book any time earlier than 7:00 A.M. or later than 7:00 P.M., please get in touch with the studio through email. 

  • The building has a loading dock and a cargo elevator connected to it. This can be booked by contacting the studio through at least 48 hours prior to your booking.   

  • Please only use the studio that you rented. As mentioned, each studio's entrance has a camera that can detect who is using the studio. Clients will be charged additionally for using an unrented studio. 



  • Please note that all common areas are under 24-hour video surveillance to ensure safety and security.

  • Mild Studios is in an old factory building with minimal soundproofing in downtown Toronto, so we can not guarantee absolute silence if you are willing to record audio.

  • You’re more than welcome to play music with our sound system, but you MUST keep music at a reasonable level that will not disturb others in the building. If we receive a noise complaint, there will be a $200 fine charge back to you.

  • Renters are not permitted to use anything not listed on the rental features. You will be charged a $125 admin fee and the rental fee for each item.

  • Please do not use any of the rooms you are not renting. If you would like a tour of other studio rooms, kindly contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

  • The client is not allowed to use or move furniture or equipment from another room unless the other rooms are rented by the same client simultaneously. If furniture or equipment has been moved, it will be asked to be put back, and you will be charged $200 for a furniture/equipment rental charge per item moved.

  • Please check for any damages or issues before using the ladders in the studio. Please ensure your personal safety with your best caution for using the ladders. We are not responsible for any injury and fall caused by misuse of the ladders.

  • Our staff might visit the studio room 30 minutes prior to the end of your booking to ensure that the room is in its original condition. If there are any damages to the floor, furniture, or equipment, you will be asked to reimburse the cost of the damage.

  • Weed, cigarettes or alcohol is not allowed in the studio.


  • The studios should be restored to how it was initially, which was neat and clean.

  • All garbage brought into the studio room must be cleaned by the end of your booking. There will be garbage bins in each room and the common area. If garbage is left behind, you will be charged a $200 cleaning fee.

  • Double-check your belonging before you leave the studio. Mild Studios will not be responsible for any personal belongings left behind.

  • Please close and lock the door as you leave. If any equipment was stolen or damaged due to the door was not closed or locked, the client who left it open and unlocked will be responsible for all the cost. 

  • Any missing items or damages incurred to equipment, studio walls, flooring or studio belongings during the booked session are solely the renter's responsibility. The renter is required to cover costs for missing or damaged items at the discretion of the studio manager via EMT or online invoice. 


  • Additional hours can only be added by contacting the studio staff by phone or email.  

  • The studio staff will first check the availability and confirm your overtime bookings by sending you a new invoice by email. 

  • If you go more than 5 minutes past your agreed-upon finish time without permission from the studio staff, you will be billed for an additional hour at $200/hour for every hour you’re over.

  • If you impact the renter after you by running late, hourly billing is $200/hour plus any costs incurred by the renter after you. 



  • The wifi name and password can be found inside the studios and in the confirmation email.

  • For the best performance, please connect to the WiFi that matches your booked studio's name. 


  • You may find parking spots along the streets.

  • The nearest Green P parking (5 Minutes Walking Distance):

    • Green P Lot 045, 111 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 1H1.

    • Green P Lot 248, 136 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2G2.

  • Unfortunately, the parking lot behind the building is not for public use.


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