2000 Sqft


13’ White Ceilings


White Floor


Blackout Curtain

Cyclorama Wall

(13’ H x 17' W x 18’ L)




2x Large Clothing Racks

Air Conditioning


Makeup Station


Change Room


Meeting Area

Small Refrigeratory and Microwave 

Complimentary Lighting and Equipment


1 x Godox QS II 600ws 

2 x Godox QS II 400ws 

1 x Octa Softbox 140cm

2 x 35cm x 160cm Grid Strips

1 x Large Beauty Dish

1 x Aputure 300D II + Light Dome II+ 26 Degree Spotlight Mount

5 x C-Stands 


2 x Heavy Duty Rolling Boom


2 x Large V-flats Black and White 


1 x Diffusion screen 8' x 8'

11 x Sand Bags


1 x Reflector Gold and Silver



Available for Rental