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1300 Sqft

West-facing Large Windows


Natural Lights


13ft White Ceilings


Industrial Style Floor


Changing Room 

Air Condition 


Makeup Station

Blutooth Speaker

Loud Music Strictly Prohibited in the Studio

Complimentary Lighting and Equipment

1 x Godox QS II 600ws ​

2 x Godox QS II 400ws ​


1 x Godox FV150

1 x Octa Softbox 140cm​


2 x 35cm x 160cm Grid Strip​


1 x Beauty Dish​


4 x C-Stands 


2 x Large V-flats, Black and White 


4 x Sand Bags

8x Comlimentary Color Backdrops 86"W

 *Colors may change based on supplies