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1300 Sqft

West-facing Large Windows


Great Natural Lights


13ft White Ceilings


Industrial Style Floor


Changing Room 

Air Condition 


Makeup Station

Blutooth Speaker

Loud Music Strictly Prohibited in the Studio

Complimentary Lighting and Equipment

1 x Godox QS II 600ws ​

2 x Godox QS II 400ws ​


1 x Godox FV150

1 x Octa Softbox 140cm​


2 x 35cm x 160cm Grid Strip​


1 x Medium Beauty Dish​


4 x C-Stands 


2 x Large V-flats, Black and White 


4 x Sand Bags

8x Complimentary Color Backdrops 86"W

 *Colors may change based on supplies 


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